PALEBLUEDOT is a startup studio and an investment vehicle that creates tools for global learners. We invest in the future of work, productivity, education, and health software products that magnify our ability to explore the world around us and ourselves within it.

We closely watch global trends to find the next opportunity for a product that will help us live a happier life and achieve our goals. We take care of market research, concept validation, marketing, product management, and operations to rapidly validate product ideas through an MVP stage.
We believe in the future where global, digital businesses give us the freedom to choose where to live, how we care for others and connect with people we love.
We provide initial capital to support the companies we spin out while also helping them raise outside funding. Our core team brings experience raising millions of dollars from the top venture funds.

We both build products ourselves and support other entrepreneurs to validate their ideas. We become a co-founder of great startup founders, helping them focus on finding a product-market fit while we take care of go-to-market strategy.
Our interests include both B2B SaaS software products and mobile apps. We won't invest in entertainment gaming or gambling products. We are inspired by the success of such products as Notion, Figma, and Miro.
Our founding partners have lived through all the stages of a company's lifecycle. We experienced failure, taken companies to the exit, pitched, and received millions of dollars from top Silicon Valley VCs.